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Art Market Magazine’s Gold List of Top Contemporary Artists of Today Edition 1

I am very pleased to be in Art Market Magazine’s first edition of the Gold List – Top Contemporary Artists of Today and thank you very much for choosing me to be in this. I am in bouncing mood happiness mode.


Four Paisley Souls Swimming In A Fish Bowl

Yes, totally a nod to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here for the title, but to me, the abstract looks a bit like a paisley design and some mystical symbol. This painting was started originally in June last year when I was creating Dali’s Eyes See, In Guise, Usually All Life – D.E.S.I.G.U.A.L.   I ended […]


Orange Moon Sea

After painting, Ġnejna Blue, I wanted to create another simple seascape and I decided that blue and orange were going to be the primary colours.  It is a 50 x 40 cm acrylic on canvas, completed 06.02.2017, sun photography is featured here unusually, but this shows all the colours.  When I photograph a painting with […]


Golden Chakra Mountains – Flow

Another abstract, another set of titles – the 4 rotations are called – Flow (featured here), Pulse, Valleys and Mountains 30 x 40 cm acrylic on canvas which was completed 10.02.2017 for a friend’s birthday.  Tumei loves mountains amongst other things and he is married to my wonderful friend, Shreelatha, who is one of the […]


Ġnejna Blue

This has to be the most simple painting I have done to date and I love it.  So does my friend who received it as a birthday present.  I used to live in Malta, Vanessa is Maltese and Ġnejna has a beautiful beach and bay area to explore.  I wanted to capture a blue water scene to […]


Fire Flame Free Birds

I’ve been in a bit of an abstract mood so far this year and this is another painting which can be viewed in another perspective.  If you view it the other way around, you’ll see the birds more clearly, but then the fire is below them, which probably makes them phoenixes.  60 x 20 cm acrylic paint […]


Fairy Tale

This abstract can be viewed in any of the four rotations and it has four names accordingly.  In this version it is Fairy Tale, the reverse landscape option is Colour Shift Lake.  When it is viewed vertically, one name is Spectrum Analysis – Dr Seuss Meets A Tiny Llama and its opposite vertical presentation is Chasing […]


Elysian Flowers

My starting point to this painting was a collection of flowers seen locally back in September 2016, which then evolved into Greek/Roman mythology with reference to certain family members and their life at the time. I deliberately wanted Roman Empire purple and gold colours included, but then the original flowers were purple. It made me […]


Tectonic Solar Kisses

This abstract was inspired from an image that a friend had sent me of the sun captured in ultraviolet light and has a basis in its title.  It had been intended as the design for the Christmas card last year, but unfortunately I was unable to get any photography outside due to fog in the […]


The Emma Ella Tree

This painting is going to Australia to belong to an old friend for her 50th birthday.  It has special meaning for me as it symbolises my friend and her daughter ,who died just before full term.  I wanted the tree to be a symbol of memory, of all seasons and to possess a nurturing quality.  The […]


I Met A Wolf

Artistic interpretation allowing – wolves do not have blue eyes unless they are young cubs but in my painting this one does. I Met A Wolf, was inspired by a brief encounter with a Met policeman who had amazing blue eyes.  The painting’s colour choices continued with the “Boys in Blue” uniform reference and the […]


Bedroom Eyes, Dangerous Spice – B.E.D.S

I have an ongoing fascination with these two animals – insect and lizard, to be precise. I had seen an image of a chameleon in a flower and thought I’d take it one step further and have him seduce the praying mantis on a chaise longue.  The dangerous scenario here is that a praying mantis […]


Blaze, Glory, Sparks & Embers, The Fire Flame Dragons

I saw the dragon model option in the shop and just had to have some, flames was a pretty obvious choice.


Orion, Solar & Lupus, The Star Dust Tiger Cats

Ya gotta have cats if your nickname is Cat 😀


Exe & Stinky, The Colour Splash Meteorite Dinosaurs

Playtime with names again 😀